1. What is a website ?

A website is also called a web application is nothing but a online site of your business. It is like having your office and business in the web world.

2. What is a mobile application ?

A mobile application is a software application designed.

1. Mobile apps helps in promotion.
2. It develops interest for the user.
2. It offers support.
4. Lets you access the business easily and efficiently.
5. It let you to take the advantage of any service providing by the app anywhere.
6. Your business is visible to all in the app store.

3. What is digital marketing ?

Digital Marketing means marketing your business online and online marketing is used to promote a particular product, company, information or a brand on various Digital Media Platforms.

It includes Search Engine Optimization,Search Engine Marketing,Social Media Marketing,Social Media Optimization,Email Marketing.

4. What is software ?

A software is collection of program files which leads to make tasks easier with minimum human effort.

5.Why website is necessary for your business ?

A website remains active 24*7 , it does not sleep.It reflects your business throughout the world. It helps to expand your business or profession online which leads to billions of audience.

6. What would be the cost of the project ?

The cost of the project depends upon various factors like design, number of pages, type of domain ,category of hosting and other features

7.What is your design process or procedure ?

  • Project analysis : Meeting with client and getting all information about the project.

  • Project approval : After getting all the required information from the client we approve the project.

  • Project approval : After getting all the required information from the client we approve the project.

  • Sketching : Combining the information with our knowledge and our creative ideas we draw a sketch of the project to proceed for the development of the project.

  • Designing : Our developers start analysing the design for the project and prepare the design for the project.

  • Development : After designing process of development starts and the development of project is done.

  • Testing : After development our developers test the project to check whether the development is completed according to the client information or not?

  • Presentation : After testing we present the project to the client for any changes and revisions in the project.

  • Finalisation : After the changes requested by the clients we deliver the project successfully to the client on his/her satisfaction.

  • Launching : After finalisation of the project we launch the the project for live access throughout the world.

8. I heard somewhere that website @ INR- 999 or 1,999 ?

They said it like for the promotions of their company or website.In reality it's not like that .First they will tell you that we offer website for Rs 999 or Rs 1999 but its not for a particular term . They charge 999 or 1,999 months or they will charge maintenance cost compulsorily(mandatory).

9. Your company is in a different country from me. How would we work ?

Don't worry.We have worked with local, national and international clients and our working relationships have never been affected by distance or territory.

10.For refund and other queries carefully read our Terms & Conditions.